How do prepare & place the specimen in the Presto color matching cabinet?

How do prepare & place the specimen in the Presto color matching cabinet?

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In today's marketplace, product manufacturers are under constant pressure to produce goods that are of the highest quality and meet stringent standards for safety and performance. One area where product quality is essential is in the area of color consistency. Consumers expect products that are sold under the same brand name to be of the same color, regardless of when or where they are purchased. To meet this demand, manufacturers must carefully control the color of their products, using color matching cabinets to ensure that their products meet strict color standards. By making use of this lab testing instrument, manufacturers can be confident that their products will maintain their color consistency, providing customers with the high level of quality they expect and deserve.

The Presto color matching cabinet is one of the best testing instruments available for measuring color consistency and quality. It is designed to provide a visual evaluation of color differences under standardized and controlled lighting conditions. The cabinet uses different light sources for accurate and repeatable measurements. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the steps through which you can easily prepare and place the specimen accurately on this color-matching testing instrument. But before that, let us focus on the significance of the color matching cabinet in providing accurate testing results.

Significance of color matching cabinet in measuring product accuracy

Color is one of the most important aspects of any product, especially when it comes to consumer goods. Consumers want products that look vibrant and uniform, and any deviation from that can result in dissatisfaction. That's why manufacturers must ensure that the right colors are used when delivering products to customers. With the use of color measuring testing instrumentsyou can easily assure the quality of the product delivered to the customers. Presto color matching box is a viable testing instrument that will be used to conduct the quality test and make sure that the right colors will be delivered. 

This color measurement testing equipment helps to examine the crucial measurable factors that can affect the accuracy and provides light on the issues involved in integrating color measurement on textile or packaging applications. With this equipment, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet consumer expectations and deliver the right colors every time. You can read more about the importance of a color-matching cabinet here. Below we have listed the features & technical specifications of the color matching cabinet.

Features of Presto color matching cabinet

Metamerism is a major problem that is faced by a lot of manufacturers regarding their products. It is a phenomenon that makes the dyed or colored products appear different under different lighting conditions. This happens due to the fact that different lights emit different wavelengths. The wavelength of the light emitted by the sun is different from the wavelength of the light emitted by artificial lights. As a result, the colors of the dyed or colored products appear different when seen under these two light sources. This problem is particularly acute in the case of the textile and clothing industry where the colors of the fabrics appear different under various lighting conditions. In order to solve this problem, manufacturers have to carefully match the color of their dyes and pigments with the intended light source. Otherwise, they risk losing customers due to dissatisfaction with the appearance of their products.

With Presto color matching cabinets, you can enhance the color consistency of products. Below we have listed the features of the Presto color matching cabinet.

  • This equipment offers controlled and reproducible lighting conditions.
  • It has a wide viewing area.
  • Suitable for all applications, that demand color consistency, and quality.
  • It makes use of multiple light sources or lamps to detect the phenomenon of Metamerism.
  • Various light sources include artificial daylight, cool white light, tungsten filament light, ultraviolet black light, and Triphosphor light.
  • The apparatus is available in various other designs and specifications according to buyers' needs across Asia, Europe & USA.
  • It contains easy-to-manage light sources with a different switch for each light source.
  • Imported hour totalizer has also been incorporated into this testing instrument.

Technical Specifications of Presto color matching cabinet

  • D – 65: Artificial light with a length of 4 Ft & 2 Ft. and 18 W and color temperature of 6500 °K
  • TL – 84: Fluorescent Light- Pont of Sale Light with a length of 4 Ft & 2 Ft. and 18 W and color temperature of 4000 °K
  • Tungsten Filament: Incandescent Light of 60 W bulb and color temperature of 2300°K-2800° K
  • CWF: Cool White Fluorescent Office Lighting with a length of 4 Ft & 2 Ft. and 18 W and color temperature of 4100 °K
  • UV: Ultra Violet Light with a length of 4 Ft & 2 Ft. and 18 W is also available.

With these features and technical specifications, you can easily match the color consistency of products with ease. Now, you can easily read about the steps to prepare and place specimens using the Presto color matching cabinet.

Steps to prepare and place specimen for color matching test

To prepare and place specimens accurately using a color matching cabinet, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Take a Master and a sample and place them side by side on the 45o angle fixture.
  • Now fix the sample on the steel angle fixture using magnets (provided with the instrument). 
  • In the case of a 45-degree wooden fixture, use a clamping pin to hold the sample.

In this way, you can easily prepare and place the specimen accurately. You can give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at Our team of technical experts will easily consult you regarding all your queries.