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Gloss Meter – Tri-angle

TKT 862

Gloss Meter Tri-angle, a product by Testronix®, is best and high-quality testing device which is provided with different geometrical angles to measure the gloass reflection on a surface of a material. The Gloss Meter Tri-angle is used to determine the gloss of a particular surface appropriately and also ascertain the amount of reflected light. The Gloss Meter – Tri-angle is available in different geometries depending upon the type of surface to fulfill the testing requirements of a vast number of customers. Presto is an authorized dealer of Testronix’s Gloss Meter – Tri-angle.

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Gloss Meter Tri-angle is used to test the gloss of different kinds of materials such as ceramics, paper, paint, metals, and plastics. The device is highly portable, accurate, sensitive and compact which is available in different models basically for the laboratory testing purposes. It has handy battery operated model which is provided with various measuring geometrical angles i.e. 20 degrees, 60 degree and 85 degree. The testing device is used to measure the whiteness or brightness of plantation white sugar as well as measures the reflectance of fabrics. The instrument offers excellent correlation with visual gloss or shining of the flat object. The correlation reduces if the sample changes from being flat. The test process is widely used to ascertain the appearance of shine on the surface and the surface quality as well.

The device is best enough to measure the brightness or gloss of paints, plastics, opaque glasses,  porcelains, ceramics, paper, pigments, clothes, powders, etc.

Related Standards

  • ISO2813,
  • GB/T 9754,
  • ASTM D523,
  • ASTM D2457.

    • Measuring Area (In mm): 85°: 5x36mm, 60°: 9x15mm, 20°: 10x10mm.
    • Division value: 0.1 GU
    • Measuring Range:  20°:0~1000GU, 60°:0~1000GU, 85°:0~160GU
    • Measurement Units of Gloss:
      • Range             of the Device                 –       0-10GU, 10-100GU, 100-1000GU
      • Reproducibility of the Device –        ± 0.2GU, ± 0.5GU, ± 0.5%GU
      • Repeatability of the Device     –       ± 0.1GU, ± 0.2GU, ± 0.2%GU


    • Measurement Standard: JJG696 First class Gloss Meter working requirement
    • Chromaticity Corresponding: CIE 1931(2°) under CIE C light source
    • Standard Accessories: Power Adapter, User Manual, USB cable, Calibration Plate, and software CD (except basic model)

    Different geometry degree measurement is also available.

    • The instrument is compact, sensitive and highly portable in nature.
    • The testing device measures the whiteness, shine or brightness of various materials such as plastics, opaque glasses, ceramics, etc.
    • It is featured with 20o, 60o, 85o angles.
    • Easy to operate.
    • It is designed with user-friendly features.

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