Enhance The Color Consistency Of Your Products With Color Matching Cabinets

Enhance The Color Consistency Of Your Products With Color Matching Cabinets

Metamerism is a major problem that is faced by a lot of manufacturer regarding their products. It is a phenomenon which makes the dyed or colored products to appear different under different lighting conditions. This happens due to the fact that different lights emit different wavelengths. 

The different colors absorb different wavelengths in different lighting conditions hence they appear different with change in the light.

This problem is faced by manufacturers in a variety of industries such as paint industries, automotive industries, textile industries and so forth. If there is color involved in the products, they are more likely to exhibit metamerism. This problem can only be eliminated only when the products are matched under different lighting conditions. The color matching cabinets are used in industries for creating different lighting conditions that are faced by the products in different regions during actual usage.

The color matching cabinets incorporate many different lighting sources that correspond to their respective regions. They are available in three different variants that are spectrum Euro, Spectrum Asia, and Spectrum US.  The different lights that are used in color matching cabinets include INCAA, TFL, CWF, TL84, and Ultraviolet Black light and so forth.

Presto offers the best quality of color matching cabinets that are used in a variety of industries and provide very accurate analyses of color consistence of the products.