Fabrics Under Different Light Conditions-Color Matching Cabinet

Test The Color Of Your Fabrics Under Different Light Conditions With Color Matching Cabinet

With the increase in the demand for the textile products, the manufacturers in textile industries are pushed to commence the production on a large scale to satisfy the requirements of a large number of people at a time.

With the increase in the production, it becomes difficult for the manufacturers to test the quality of the goods at all production levels. But if the manufacturers are not able to provide the best level of quality to the customers, it would be difficult for the manufacturers to build strong customer relationship with the customers and to survive in the market for a long period of time. To ensure the quality of the textile products, the manufacturers must make use of high -quality of testing equipments. One of the best testing instruments which are widely used in textile industry to measure the quality of the textile products is Color Matching cabinet.

The color matching cabinet manufacturer, Presto Stantest,  produce high quality of the  color measurement cabinets  to eradicate the problem of metamerism. Metamerism is the phenomenon in which the appearance of the colors changes in different light conditions. This happens due to the wavelengths that different lights produces.  This is considered as a major  flaw in the quality of the fabrics and textile products. Color matching cabinets solve the problem of metamerism by testing the color consistency of the specimen in different light conditions.

Presto Stantest offers a wide range of color matching cabinets as per the light spectrum of USAEURO, and Asia. The instrument is equipped with various sources of lights like TFL bulb, D65 artificial daylight, TL84, INCAA, CWF and UV black light. All the models offered by Presto offers highly accurate test results.