Importance Of Color Measurement

Importance Of Color Measurement

With the increasing requirement of color digital printing, the importance of color accuracy is increasing day by day. As a result, everyone has become familiar with the concept of color difference. 

As the concepts of color measurement are clearly explained in the standards, the measurement errors are found very rarely. This has been possible because of color measurement instruments that are widely used for measuring color differences with the little understanding of color variables that can affect the entire measurement process.

The color measurement testing equipment helps to examine the crucial measurable factors that can affect the accuracy and provides light to the issues involved in integrating color measurement on textile or automated applications. The spotlight on the specimen to execute the test procedure helps to bring out light references, dark references, calibration issues and many more. With the aid of these instruments, accuracy and repeatability of measured results can be examined. Moreover, key sources of errors can also be examined, and discussions can be done to reduce the errors.

The color difference in consumer products has nowadays become an extraordinary feature of our society. From the clothes we wear to the color of houses in which we live,  cars, we drive,  to the color of the books we read. But it is not sufficient for any object because the right color match is the major issue. Hence, accurate production of color is not an easy task for any manufacturer and the reason behind this is the accurate color measurement.

To fulfill the need of color measurement instruments, Presto offers a broad range of color matching cabinets to enhance the color consistency and quality of a product. These cabinets help to analyze the color of a specimen under different light sources, namely, D65, TL – 84, NCAA, CWF, UV, TFL.