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Bottle Perpendicularity Tester

PPTB- 0109

Bottle Perpendicularity Tester is a consistent tool that helps the manufacturer in testing the perpendicularity of PET Bottles or Blow molded containers. It is based on the principle to test the accuracy of the shape and size of the bottle.

With Bottle Perpendicularity Tester, PET Bottle/Container Perpendicularity is checked as it is dependent upon the shape, size, and quality of the product. It had a basic turntable where the test specimen is placed and rotated with a probe checking the differential in movement.

Presto’s Bottle Perpendicularity tester is a simple, and well-engineered instrument used to check the perpendicularity of PET bottles and blow molded containers which are of uniform shape and design. The base of the instrument is made up of stainless steel 304 grade for long life. The parts of the machine are manufactured and surface ground on CNC machines for linearity and accuracy, thus enhancing the results of the instrument.

The testing instrument is essential for all testing laboratories and plants for testing blowing containers and bottles.

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    • Display: LCD (Digital)
    • The instrument is best suitable for bottles up to 2.5 liters.
    • The maximum range of the machine is up to 10 mm
    • It provides the least count of 0.1 mm
    • Base plate dimensions of the machine are 13 cm x 13 cm
    • The instrument is fabricated with stainless steel base of 304 Grade
    • The machine offers linearity check with 99.9 % accuracy on CNC.
    • The machine is supplied with the calibration certificate traceable to NABL approved labs which are issued for the accurate measurements.

    • Easy and accurate readout
    • Comes with Zero Tolerance
    • Adjustable measurement operations
    • Repeatability of test measurements of bottles/blow molded containers

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