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Color Matching Cabinet Maintains Color Consistency

Different types of colors are capable of changing the mood of a human being. For example, green color relaxes the eyes, and blue color helps in sleeping. We all have a color choice. We buy the fabrics according to our choice of color. The color inconsistency in different lights is a common problem and cause disappointment among the customers. If you purchase a red piece of cloth, it should be red under all the lights, not maroon. The color inconsistency is a major problem for textile industries. The right color of a product or material is hard to locate in natural light and artificial light.  The phenomenon where a sample seems to match the right color to one light source but looks different from another light source is Metamerism. Presto has a solution of the metamerism problem.

Use of Color Matching Cabinet

Presto Color Matching Cabinet is beneficial to solve the problem of Metamerism. Besides textiles, this device is primarily used in paint and plating industry, plastic, paper and other areas. The color matching cabinet can test the color vibrancy of textile, paper, paint and many more. The testing device provides a similar light environment to analyze the color quality of a product and to measure the color vibrancy. There is a separate switch for each light, and the machine is very simple for the users to operate.

Presto’s offer Color Matching Cabinet in Indonesia is the best testing device and highly effective to solve the problem of Metamerism. This is an efficient machine to measure the color consistency and products vibrancy. Presto Stantest offers high-quality of Color Matching Cabinet for IndonesiaCall our experts for additional information on testing instruments Indonesia.

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