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Xenon Test chamber PSPL 867

PSPL - 867

Polymers responds to different weathering conditions very fast, which a manufacturer doesn’t want. A polymer product should remain unaffected from different conditions. This can be made possible if and only if appropriate measures are being taken. To take precautionary measures, it is first important to analyse the behaviour in accelerated conditions. Xenon test chamber simulates the right weathering conditions to test the polymer and elastomers.

To estimate the lifecycle of the products, the specimen is put into accelerated weathering conditions to assess their response. Xenon test chamber provide controlled conditions to evaluate the effect of different factors of weather on the specimen. It is equipped with xenon light sources to replicate the effect of sunlight in enclosed chamber. The approximate colour temperature is 6000K. The light spectrum produced by xenon bulb never changes in its life span. This chamber can efficiently test the resistance of coating like plastic, elastomer, paints, resins and polymers.

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    • The bulb used for the instrument is Xenon bulb of rating 1.8 KW.
    • The instrument is provided with a Daylight filter or window glass filter.
    • The lamp has a lifetime of 1500 to 2000 hours.
    • The exposure area offered by the instrument is 2800 cm2.
    • The irradiance range offered by the device ranges from 0.35 to 120 W/m2.
    • The testing temperature range of the equipment can range from RT+30°C to 90°C.
    • The instrument has the feature of adjustable relative humidity of 30% to 75% in light mode and from 50% to 95% in Dark mode.
    • The instrument operates on a power supply of 220V, 50/60 Hz; 36A.

    • The instrument is provided with a high-efficiency Xenon arc bulb which has a long life and high performance.
    • The instrument is capable of providing stable and repeatable testing results.
    • The device offers highly simple and easy operation.
    • The instrument has larger exposure area.
    • The equipment complies with all the international standards and comes with a conformance certificate.

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