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Impact Resistance Tester for Paint


The Impact Resistance tester is useful for mild abused products in offices, households or labs after years of normal use. It is useful for checking resistance to impact surface damage and penetration for construction materials viz. plastic, fiberglass, metal sheet, resin and plywood. Presto’s Impact Resistance Tester is used for direct testing on plating and coating to check the crack formation, break resistance/adhesion and flexibility. A hump is formed in the metal sheet by a hemispherical falling weight. The coating can be either outside or inside the hump. The force of waft can be varied by using different dropping weights or different heights. The instrument is used mainly for mildly abused products in offices, households or labs after years of normal use.

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    • The impact tester depicts 2 Lbs (900 grams), Nose Ø 1.27 CM.
    • The length of the guide tube is 40.6 CM.
    • Measurement of Die Ø 1.43 CM.
    • It has a unique locking arrangement,
    • The machine has chrome plating duly powder coated for an elegant look.

    • It is quite easy to operate.
    • It comes complete with user manual and conformance certificate.
    • The equipment meets NF, ISO, DIN, ASTM and ECCA standards.

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