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Preform & Bottle ‘NECK’ Cutter


The Presto Preform & Bottle Neck Cutter is a convenient instrument used for single handed & clean cutting. The cutter is designed under the strict guidance of skillful professionals using the premium quality of raw materials and sophisticated methods in observance with set market standards. The cutter works on the principle of the ratchet mechanism for cutting and trimming the neck of bottles.

The Presto’s Preform and Bottle Neck Cutter is a very handy instrument to cut neck having Diameters up to 28 mm accurately. It is functionally quick, very easy and simple to use. It is a very influential instrument which permits trouble-free cutting with less effort that is required to operate the apparatus. The wall thickness of the instrument is very large.

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    • Neck Diameters up to 28 mm can be precisely cut using the Preform and Bottleneck cutter.
    • Fast cutting of small pipe having diameters up to 40 mm blade, retracts quickly at the push of a button.

    • Light, Handy and precise single-handed shears for cutting and trimming Preforms & Neck of Bottles with ratchet mechanism:
    • Offers powerful and trouble free cutting, even of large wall thicknesses with minimum effort.
    • Fast working.
    • It is operationally simple to use.

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