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Colour Matching Cabinet – Europe Model

Spectrum III (EURO)

Colour matching cabinet is widely used instrument in different industries where colour matching is posing a big problem. Specially designed for European standards, the instrument is equipped with different lights to test the sample. It is a very simple to use instrument and can be used without prior knowledge of colour management. Thus, no skilled labour is required to test the sample.

To perform the test, the sample is placed with a master in the cabinet. It is always advised to perform the test in dark room. This avoids any interference from the lights in the surroundings. The lights are turned on one by one to see the colour closeness of the master and the sample.

This instrument helps a lot in curbing the phenomenon of Metamerism. In this, a colour appears different in different light sources. The Euro model provides all the lighting conditions that are used and accepted in the region.

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    • Colour Matching Cabinet – Spectrum Euro is equipped with four different light sources as per the standards:
    • D -65, Artificial daylight. –  A light-bluish coloured light used in matching different colour applications like textiles, plastics, paints and other manufactured products. D-65 light has colour temperature of 6500K
    • INCA Light – Incandescent INCA light. Filament light used as a test of metamerism and appraisal under domestic light
    • Ultra-Violet Black Light – It is also known as Ultra Violet Blacklight or UV-B light. The light emits long ultraviolet rays that do not have much visible brightness. UV energy has the ability to excite certain substances like dies, chemical or pigments within a sample causing them to emit light in the visible spectrum, usually in the blue region.
    • TL – 84 Light – Point of Sale –  It is characterized by emitting high amounts of green light with a colour temperature of approx. 4000K.

    • It also ensures accurate, closer and faster results.
    • High-Quality Standard light source
    • Wide Viewing Area
    • The instrument is also equipped with time totalizer/hour meter for recording to total no. of hours run for lights.
    • Operates with individual feather touch buttons for every light source


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