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Profile Projector Digital

PPPD 0116 (DRO)

Presto’s Profile projector is a cost effective solution for angular measurements and for Digital linear. The machine also has a built-in DRO.

The basic use of Profile Projector in PET & Preform Industry is to identify an edge or point of the shadow of the PET Bottles in order to measure the length of the PET or Preform from this particular point. By expanding the image via profile projector, the operator can easily decide that from where the edge or the point of the shadow starts.  Profile images are also used to take important decisions to fulfill various measurement purposes like it matches the size of the bottles with standard size to evaluate whether a part of the bottle is designed correctly or not.

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    • The profile projector offers standard magnification of 10x.
    • The diameter size of the screen is 300 mm
    • Projector view of the field is 30 mm
    • It provides a working distance of 65 mm
    • X-Y Range of the profile projector is 50 x 50mm* (*with Use of Gauge Blocks)
    • The measuring unit of the instrument is Micrometer Heads (0 – 25 mm Imported)
    • It provides the resolution/ least count of 0.01 mm
    • It offers a rotary measuring stage. The stage glass diameter is 70 mm
    • The maximum height of Test piece can be 125 mm
    • The projector provides Contour Illuminator type illumination of 24V/ 150W and Surface Illumination of 12V/ 100W, Halogen brightness adaptable via solid-state variable control bulge that operates on the power supply of 220V/ 50 Hz.
    • The machine provides cooling with the help of in- built noiseless and vibration free fan motors.
    • The instrument is incorporated with some furnished accessories like silicon cloth, Power supply cord-vinyl, cover-fuse bulbs and operating manual.

    • It is a very compact and light weight Table Top model that ensures easy operations.
    • The instrument has 300mm diameter screen along with 90° cross line and chart holders.
    • The screen can be graduated to 360° with vernier reading up to 6 minutes.
    • The instrument offers projection light source with 24V / 150W Halogen Lamp.
    • It has Double Oblique Light Source for Surface Illumination.
    • The testing instrument is equipped with two adjustable dichromic reflector lamps.
    • Focus on the test specimens can be adjusted manually by hand wheel.
    • The instrument has High Quality objective lenses. It supports optical distortion below 0.15%.
    • Standard magnifications: 10x. (Optional: 20x, 50x and 100x).
    • Measurements can be done through Manual or Digital Micrometers.

    Computerised Model is also available.

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