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Preform Defect Chart

Preform Defect Chart is a consistent tool useful for visual assessment and evaluation of defects found in PET preforms. Used in various industries and laboratories to maintain quality and consistency of a sample to detect the defects under natural and polarized lights.

It is useful as a reference point in PET blowing plants and laboratories; the chart is referred to after viewing in the Polariscope. It has a pictorial depiction of the defects how the sample look like under polarized light as well as the Optimum images for ready reference.

A must for all PET blowing plants and laboratories, this defect chart has been arranged in consultation with the industry and specifies three categories of defects when analyzed under polarized light. The classification and comparison of defects also help in maintaining such records in the lab.

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  • Three Categories Included Viz.,

    • Defects Under Natural Light
    • Defects under 45° orientated polarized light.
    • Defects Under 90° Orientated Polarized Light

    (Each having 12 unique types of defects)

    • Standardized template for testing samples under Natural and Polarized lights.
    • Wide Viewing Area
    • High-Quality Light sources used

Reviews of Preform Defect Chart

  1. R.K. Tayal
    16 Dec, 2015

    This is the second product that I am purchasing from Presto Group. Earlier i purchased Polariscope but forgot to buy Preform Defect Chart to study the defects in Preforms. This creates many problems for me. To solve this problem, I purchased defect defect chart from Presto group. It is the high-quality and standardized chart. I really helped me a lot to study the type of strains. Thanks to Presto for offering best tool.

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