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Flip Cap Opening Tester

PFCOP - 101

Flip Cap Opening Tester is used for evaluating the flip cap strength, which is a vital segment for the quality assessment of the testing sample. The flip cap quality is widely tested in the design and manufacturing plant of PET packaging containers. A uniform quantity of force is put on the flip Cap sample and the testing results is recorded via a precise force-evaluation device. Once the peak level of force is set on the force Scale, a data read out will be automatically generated in gauge memory.


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    • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
    • Accuracy: ± 2% at Full Load (with master load)
    • Grip to Grip Separation: Max. 200mm
    • Working Temperature: 5° – 35°C
    • Measuring Unit: Kg/N/LBS
    • Dimensions: 225 x 300 x 735mm
    • Least Count: 0.01Kg
    • Range: 20Kg

    • Advanced and accurate LCD Display for recording test data
    • Manual operation with the smooth functioning of handle
    • The drive mechanism is used in the machine through a lead screw
    • S type sensor has been equipped with high precision
    • Notch type grippers are installed for the stronghold of a specimen
    • The main body is composed of mild steel material with powder coated finish
    • Havel Grey & Blue combination finish with bright chrome/zinc plating for corrosion resistant body

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