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Dead Weight Tester

Dead weight tester is a highly efficient calibrating tool which is used to calibrate all types of measurement instruments. Suitable for testing both analogue and digital type of devices for measuring time, pressure, temperature and another type of parameters. The user just needs to connect the device to the calibrator using the union connector. The working principle of the device is pressure balance. Used widely in research labs, industries, quality control department etc. It uses NABL certified known weights for exerting pressure on a fluid until it reaches to the equilibrium condition. Post reaching equilibrium, the user can check if the reading shown in the device under test is accurate or not. The machine doesn’t require any electrical input, works using simple mechanisms without any operative complications. It strictly adheres to international test standards.

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    • Testing range – 1 Kg/cm² to 100 Kg/cm².
    • Steps of Range – 0.1 Kg/cm².
    • Size of Union connector – M20x1.5, 1/4″ BSP, 3/8″ BSP.
    • Size of Reservoir Block – 3/8” BSP.
    • Piston Carrier – 1 Kgf /cm2 .
    • Operating Fluid – 20W 40 grade Hydraulic Oil.
    • Piston Material – High-Grade Stainless Steel.
    • Accuracy – ± 0.5% (with master gauge).

    • Standard and stable Piston block for bringing accuracy in test results.
    • Mounted levelling screws for balancing the machine to avoid error in test results.
    • Reservoir Block to ensure constant oil flow during the test.
    • Union connector allows a wide range of devices to be connected for the test.
    • High-quality release valves utilized with a piping connection to gauge block.

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