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Laboratory Fume Hood


Presto’s Laboratory Fume Hood is a Hood used for the frontier disclosure to harmful or toxic fumes,dust or vapors.

Laboratory fume hoods are designed to protect laboratory personnel by preventing contaminants such as chemical vapors, dust, mists and fumes from escaping into the laboratory environment.  Laboratory fume hoods also provide lab personnel with a physical barrier to chemicals and their reactions.  Fume hoods are evaluated each year to verify their proper operation. They are generally set back against the walls to cover up the exhaust ductwork. Because of their shape, they are generally dim inside but have a provision for a light source. The front opening is made up of glass, able to move up and down on a counterbalance mechanism.

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    • The machine has heavy stainless steel construction of 304 Grade with size 2′ x 2′. (Optional Sizes are also available).
    • Work Table of the machine consists of glazed ceramic tiles, a water tap, small stainless steel sink and water outlet.
    • The equipment incorporates sliding glass door that moves vertically with counter weight.
    • The equipment also has a centrifugal motor fan with exhaust fumes emitted with PVC pipe.
      • Power Supply: 230V, 50 Hz, Single Phase AC
      • Motor: ¼ HP, Single Phase, 1440 Rpm
      • Fan Blower: 4 inches
      • Body: Stainless Steel Chamber

    • Ergonomic and Energy Efficient Design
    • Fumes are completely eradicated from the workplace.
    • Thick glass covers in front for quiet and safe operation.
    • Excellent chemical resistance and high-performance air flow control.
    • Low maintenance.
    • Quiet operation, due to the extract fan being some distance from the operator.

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