Why is Polariscope Best Defect Testing Machine for Preform?

Why is Polariscope Best Defect Testing Machine for Preform?

Nowadays, PET bottles and PET packaging are mostly preferred for better performance and high-quality delivery in many industries. Especially in the packaging industry, PET bottles are known to be the primary and best medium due to its outstanding properties. But at the same time, internal defects such as residual stress and external strain occupied by PET preform at the time of manufacturing process can bring down the overall quality and reputation of your production. Hence, it is important to conduct a standardized polarization test using a proficient defect testing machine like Polariscope.

Why are PET bottles opted for quality packaging?


With time the packaging industry made PET bottles their prime choice as they are safer, stronger and cost-effective product. They are much flexible compared to other polymer used in bottle manufacturing and comes in distinct shape and sizes. It is utilized to carry products like food beverages, medicines, chemicals and many more. Hence to maintain a particular brand reputation, high-quality of PET bottles is required.

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PET bottle obtain multiple forms of defects during different stages of production. Among those, a very initial stage defect is stress and strain problem observed in preform materials. These are acquired due to the disturbed manufacturing process. PET bottles are prepared with the preforms after the process of blow molding. Hence, it is necessary to test the quality of the preforms to provide the best quality to the PET bottles using a proficient defect testing machine.

Polariscope Strain Viewer manufactured by Presto is the major testing instrument which is utilized in PET and preform industries to evaluate the defects in the quality of the preforms such as air bubble, water flash marks, crystallization, strain distribution and many more. These defects can make the final product weak and of low-quality standards. To reduce the occurrence of such defects, the preforms are tested prior the production. The testing instrument is equipped with an incident light source and Polaroid lenses. The sample can be tested at two distinct angles of 45° and 90°. The strain viewer can be utilized for testing PET preforms and glasses too. The special model we are offering can be connected to any computer system for defect identification and report generation.