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Polariscope Computerized (PPC-203)


Polariscope is an optical device and used for the defect identification in PET preforms. Preforms develop internal defects due to external strain. These defects might create weak points when blown moulded into bottle. To avoid this, the preforms are tested prior mass production. The device has an incident light and polaroid lenses. The incident light passes completely through the test medium without any refraction. As a light encounter a defect, it changes its path doubly and create different patterns of light.

Due to polaroid nature of lenses, the birefringence of light forms. This birefringence creates different patterns depending upon the type of the defect. The pattern can be matched with the defect chart to identify the defect. The sample is tested at two different angles, 45° and 90°. The strain viewer can be used for PET preforms and glasses also. It is equipped with two types of incident light Monochromatic and Sodium. The device can be connected with the computer for defect identification and report generation.

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    • The Polariscope computerized model is supplied complete with:
    • Viewing Area: 260 * 240 mm
    • Display: Pictorial through Inbuilt Software
    • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
    • Lights:
    • CFL Light
    • Sodium Light
    • Standard Template Measuring Angle: 45º and 90º

    • Two light intensity offered: Monochromatic light and Sodium Lamp.
    • Sharper and clearer optical viewing experience.
    • Standard Template for viewing a sample at a 45º and 90º angle.
    • Large Viewing glass area.
    • High-resolution camera to take pictures with integrated software
    • Standard reference defect pictures preloaded in software for easy reference
    • Pick & Place feature to compare test preform image with standard image.
    • Inbuilt hardware/software CD
    • Easy Data Management. The user can create product identification, company, checked by details, etc.
    • The test report comprises of the logo of the company, name of the company, batch no, lot no., date and time along with the test details.
    • Gives sharper and clearer optical viewing experience.
    • The reports can easily be emailed and saved on the desktop

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