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Measure The Stress Distribution In Pet Bottles With Polariscope

Quality Assurance is an essential procedure that must be followed at the time of production to prevent the mistakes and defects and to eradicate the problems while delivering products to the customers. This process ensures that the product has passed all the necessary quality test. On the other hand, the process of defect prevention in Quality assurance  is completely different from  defects analysis and rectification. It focuses on the quality, right from the initial stage of the commencement of the production process. Continuing the production process after analyzing the production process deeply provides long term benefits to the business.  The same is happening in Pet & Preform industries.  To ensure the quality of the PET bottles, it  is necessary to perform various tests in PET bottles like top load test, compression test, stress distribution test, section weight analysis, transparency test and many more.

The Polariscope is the testing instrument widely used in PET & Preform industries to evaluate the stress distribution of PET & Preform products to analyze the strength of the products. During the test, if the difference in the stress distribution is found, it indicates the change in the refractive index of the materials which shows the lower strength of the product. With the help of Polariscope, this defect can be corrected easily.

Presto Stantest offers high quality PET Bottles testing instruments to determine the quality of the bottle. Presto believes in manufacturing high quality testing instruments to make their business best. All the instruments provided at presto adhere to various standards like ASTM, ISO, BIS etc.

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