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Provide the Best Quality to Your PET Products with Polariscope

PET products are widely used in a variety of industries for a variety of applications. The PET containers are used for packaging of various different products such as pharmaceuticals, beverages, chemicals and so forth. These products are directly used by customers, and if the quality of their packaging is not perfect, it may lead to contamination or damage to these products. It is important for the manufacturers of PET containers to ensure that the packaging materials they provide to their clients are of best quality. This is only possible with proper quality testing of the raw materials as well as final products produced by them.

The Polariscope is a testing instrument that is used by a majority of PET industries to test the strain distribution in the PET preforms to find any sort of defects in them. If the strain distribution on the surface of a Preform is not uniform, this indicates that there are some quality defects in the preform, and such preforms are not blown and are rejected at the initial stage. This saves a lot of money and time to the manufacturers by preventing the rejection of the final product. With the help of Polariscope strain viewer, it becomes easy for the manufacturers to determine the defective preforms and discard them from blowing.

Presto is a major manufacturer of highly efficient and accurate Polariscopes that are used by numerous PET industries for testing the quality of the Preforms. The testing instrument is designed in compliance with various international and national standards for compatibility with international markets too. The instrument comes complete along with a user manual and a conformance certificate that can be traced to any NABL certified lab.

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