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Detect Any Defects In Your Pet Products With Polariscope

The PET and Perform industry has seen a stupendous growth in last several years.  There are many usages that are implemented with the usage of PET. 

They are used for packaging of food materialsbeverages, chemicals and many more. Most of the items that are packaged in PET bottles and containers are vulnerable to leakage and spillage hence it is essential to make sure that the bottles and containers are best quality and ether is no defect in them as it is essential for both safety and freshness of these products.  There are many different quality procedures and testing instruments that are needed to assess the quality of the PET containers so that the products remain safe and fresh. One such testing instrument is Polariscope.

The Polariscope is the testing instrument which is used for viewing the test sample under a polarized light and detects any change in the refractive index of the material used for manufacturing the container. Any change in refractive index indicates that there is a non-uniform distribution of stress in the material which can cause the container collapse in very short span of time. Additionally, it also affects the transparency of the container which is an important trait of the PET containers for quality assurance. Presto offers highly effective and efficient Polariscope that is used for testing the quality of PET containers. The instrument complies with national and international standards for compatibility with international markets. For more info click here……

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