Find Out Air Bubbles In Preforms With Ease With Polariscope Strain Viewer

Find Out Air Bubbles In Preforms With Ease With Polariscope Strain Viewer

PET bottles are one of the primary sources of packaging for a numerous categories of products all across the globe. The PET bottles and containers are ideal for the packaging of the products

 as they provide the best level of safety to the products. Additionally, they are economical to produce hence it is better for the manufacturers to choose the PET bottles as a viable solution for packaging of products. As the PET bottles are used at such large scale, it is essential for the manufacturers of the PET bottles to ensure that the PET products offered by them to the clients are of best quality.

For best quality assurance of the PET bottles, first of all, it is essential to check the quality of the PET preforms for any sort of defects, etc. Formation of bubbles is a major defect that is found in the PET preforms and which causes degradation of the quality of the PET bottles. To find out air bubbles in preforms, the manufacturers can use several testing equipment but the best one is the Polariscope, strain viewer.

The Polariscope uses polarized light to determine the quality flaws and defects in Preforms such as strain-induced crystallization, non-uniform strain distribution, etc. which helps in ensuring the best quality of the Preforms and hence ensure best quality of PET bottles.

Presto is an industry-trusted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Polariscope strain viewer. The instrument offered by Presto is one of the best in the industry which has an easy and simple operation with accurate test results. Additionally, it also conforms to all the national and international standards such as ASTM, ISO, BIS, etc.  in short, Polariscope strain viewer offered by presto is one of the best solutions for quality assurance of PET preforms in PET industries.