Use And Importance Of Abrasion Testing

Use And Importance Of Abrasion Testing

Use And Importance Of Abrasion Testing

What is Abrasion?

Abrasion is a principle factor that causes rupture of the materials like rubbers, ceramics, coatings, metals, etc. Abrasion of a material can be tested with the help of a testing procedure known as Abrasion test. Abrasion test provides the result that helps the user to compare the material or its coating and helps to judge the life of the material.

Why is Abrasion Test Performed?


The test is used to judge the resistance of products to abrasion in a specific environment. The importance of abrasion test lies in evaluating the rank of the material in ascending order as it will occur in an abrasive environment. The percentage of loss of content judged from the test which is lost when kept under abrasive environment is compared to the original material. This comparison will provide the worth of materials if abrasion is the major factor that causes rupture of material.

Different test Methods to Perform Abrasion Test


When we talk about the life of the product, it is necessary to determine the effect of abrasion on the products as it cause undesirable effects on the packaging and labels at the time of transportation, storage or warehousing. The common terms that are used for abrasion are scratching, scuffing, wear and tear, marring, rubbing, etc. All the properties of abrasion can be tested by following standardized test methods and procedures for measuring the abrasion resistance strength of the product. Some of the common tests that are performed for abrasion testing are mentioned below:

  • Sutherland Rub Test – This type of test is performed on the printed materials for evaluating the scuff or rub resistance of coated or printed surfaces, paperboard, paper, and printed materials when they are rubbed together continuously.
  • Abrasion Test – Presto has developed the abrasion tester for testing most types of packaging printed materials. The tester is used to test any product which is fully adjustable in terms of cycle speed, load pressure, and stroke length.

Abrasion test on Different Components

This test is basically used to test the abrasion resistance of solid materials like

  • Composites,
  • Ceramics,
  • Metals
  • Thick coating, etc.

The motive behind this test is to produce the information that will repeatedly rank the resistance of the materials to abrasion scratching under some given conditions.

Suppliers of Din Abrasion Tester

Presto Stantest, a leading manufacturer, and supplier of testing machines, offers a wide range of abrasion testers such as Scuff resistance tester, Sutherland rub tester, ink abrasion rub tester, Din abrasion tester to perform abrasion test on various materials. The testing instrument helps to analyze the abrasion resistance of vulcanized thermoset rubbers, synthetic or natural rubbers, and thermoplastic amorphous polymers.  It is an easy to use and highly reliable instrument that offers accurate measurements.

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