How to ensure the best abrasion resistance of Industrial Conveyor belts?

How to ensure the best abrasion resistance of Industrial Conveyor belts?

The conveyor belts are used extensively in the industries for the purpose of transportation of different materials from one point in the industry to another. The conveyor belts have to bear a load of so many different materials that it has to be stubborn and strong so that it could serve for a long time. The biggest problem for the conveyor belts is the abrasion that they have to face when the materials travel on them. The materials that are carried by the conveyor belts are sized for loading and unloading from the conveyor belts. If the abrasion resistance of these belts is not good, then it is possible that they are not able to serve for a longer period and face failure frequently.

Most of the conveyor belts are made from the rubber materials, and the abrasion failure is the most prominent reason for the failure of rubber products. It is essential that the rubber used for manufacturing the conveyor belts are provided with the best abrasion resistance so that they could withstand the normal wear and tear during usage.

There are two steps of ensuring the best abrasion resistance of the rubber products. First of all, the sample of the rubber must be tested through abrasion tester. The Abrasion tester helps in determining the abrasion that is provided by the sample.

With the help of the testing data that is calculated through the abrasion tester, is used for making the necessary changes in the manufacturing processes of the rubber such as the addition of plasticizers, vulcanization and so forth which helps in easily controlling the abrasion resistance. Hardness and other properties of rubber.

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