Best methods to analyze abrasion resistance of rubber products

Din Abrasion Tester-The Best Methods To Analyze The Abrasion Resistance Of Rubber Products

The abrasion resistance is a major attribute of rubber materials which is important for their quality assurance. The instrument is used for the testing the resistance offered by a rubber product when it is rubbed against an abrasive material. The abrasion is a major problem with rubber products as extensive abrasion can reduce the durability as well as the strength of the products. This is why the manufacturers of the rubber products need to ensure that the material they used for manufacturing of the products has the best amount of resistance offered to the abrasion. This can be performed with a Din abrasion tester.

The Din abrasion tester is a very effective instrument that is used for testing the ability of rubber products to resist any type of abrasion when they are rubbed against a highly abrasive surface. The instrument has a highly abrasive material that is placed in a holder. This holder moves at a constant speed on the test specimen. The test specimen is placed on a circular drum that is located just beneath the abrasive holder and rotates at a constant speed. When the abrasive moves on the test specimen, it causes abrasion of the test specimen. The size of the specimen is measured before and after the testing procedure. The reduction of size in the material is used in analyzing the abrasion resistance of the test specimen.

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