Ink Abrasion Tester for Print Quality Assessment

Ink Abrasion Tester for Print Quality Assessment

Use of digital printing is growing nowadays across a wide range of industries. Some digital prints are utilized for marketing, others for books, and some for long-lasting keepsakes. Regardless of the utilization form, every printed product has its fixed life cycle, and the product is always expected to meet or reach beyond that life cycle. However, according to some professionals employed in digital printing, the printed products usually don’t match up the customer’s expectations. This leads manufacturers to ensure quality and considers the use of a proficient testing instrument such as ink abrasion resistance tester.

How can the print assessment instruments help?

Abrasion resistance is a much required and a vital property in printed materials. Damage due to abrasion can take place during shipment, storage, handling, and end use. Due to which the manufacturer can experience a significant decrease in product appearance and legibility of product information. The level of abrasion damage on a printed material is dependent on various factors such as shipping conditions, temperature and humidity, time, and other variables.

The assessment of print quality provides a testing method of comparing abrasion resistance of printed sample under controlled laboratory conditions. This testing also can be utilized to calculate the relative abrasion resistance of printed inks, coatings, laminates etc. The testing procedure can be taken into practice by both the buyer and the purchase of printed materials to evaluate the product’s printing quality.

Presto’s Ink Abrasion Resistance Tester is utilized to test the scuffing or rubbing resistance of the printed or coated surface of the paper, paperboard, film, container board, corrugated board etc. It puts the test sample through extreme situations to analyze the response of product to the exposed conditions.

This instrument effectively assesses the issues related to poor abrasion resistance, ink layer falling off and poor hardness of coating layers on printed materials.

Important features we deliver:

  • Equipped with high-end micro-processor for advanced testing with the frequency of rubbing with the controlled load.
  • Ensures even load distribution on rubbing area of sample
  • The body is built up of mild steel
  • It has powder coated have grey and blue combination, bright chrome zinc plating for corrosion resistance.
  • Proficient arm rotation – through gear motor

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