Importance Of Performing Rubber Abrasion Testing

Importance Of Performing Rubber Abrasion Testing

Abrasion is a major factor that ruptures the quality of the materials such as ceramics, rubbers, metals, coating and many more. The abrasion of the material can be tested with the help of testing procedure i.eRubber Abrasion Resistance Testing. The test method helps the users to relate the original material and to judge the actual life of the material. The test is mainly used to compare the material and its coating to judge the life of the material. The test is basically used to measure the resistance of solid materials such as ceramics, metals, composites, thick coatings and many more. The main motive behind this test is to gather the information to rank the resistance of the rubber materials to abrasion or scratching under some specific conditions.

Significance of Performing Abrasion Test

The test is used to measure the resistance of products to abrasion in a certain environment. The importance of abrasion test helps to evaluate the rank of the material after providing it under abrasive environment. The percentage of loss of content is judged and compared with the original material. This comparison helps to measure the worth of the materials and the actual life of the product when continuously subjected to the abrasive environment.

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