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Impact Tester for Glass Bottles

Impact testers are used to measure the impact resistance, breakage and strength characteristics of a range of glass products in order to ensure that they are robust for their intended use. Presto’s Impact Tester for Glass Bottles provides a reproducible force to determine the impact resistance of glass containers. The device is used for easy and reliable test results.

The testing is carried out across a wide range of products that includes:

Packaging and containers like food jars or Beer bottles,

Beauty bottles used for cosmetics and perfumes.

Glassware used for the trading purpose for e.g. – stemware.

Usually, the impact is conceded at the contact point of the particular item, such as the edge of pint glasses and the process is carried out until failure of the specimen occurs.  However, testing until the first break is visible and also be specific position needs to undertake.

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    • The machine has anti-friction needle bearing that offers correct alignment with minimum inertia.
    • The machine has an analogue adjusting meter that can be adjusted over a range of 0-22 inch pounds.
    • It has a steel backstop with a changeable positioning guide.
    • Angle: 0 to 120 Degree
    • Maximum Impact Energy: 2.35 Nw/m
    • Impact Weights:  2 weights – 2.6Nw/m, 2.35Nw/m
    • Height: Adjustable height for bottle

    • It has light-weight, rigid suspension that carries permanently aligned pendulum assembly.
    • Head is designed to increase the impact load applied to the container.
    • Crank & Screw provides reproducible, rapid and accurate height adjustments
    • It has optional anvil spacer having small diameter.
    • Stainless Steel collated channel retains fragments from rigid containers while the shell design elements interfere with testing.
    • Screw and crank arrangement of the instrument provide fast, precise, and repeatable height adjustment

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