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Conduct Abrasion Test Method with Digital Scuff Tester

The abrasion or scuffing test performed on the labels are a vital stage of quality control which ensures that the ink used for printing the information on the corrugated box is durable and can sustain the abrasion made while handling or transporting. This test checks if the printing material, the painted or the polished material can resist the continuous rubbing and maintain its original clarity and quality. The testing machine which is considered to be appropriate for conducting the quality examination is known to be a Scuff tester.

The test machine imitates the real time rubbing effects of human interaction while handling the products, scuffing between the items, or the transit jerks which may push the boxes to rub against each other or against the wall of the vehicle. These can be achieved with the use of surface abrasion test method deliver by the test machine. The durability of printed information holds a lot of importance for every vertical. Be it in pharmaceutical or in automotive sector. The printed data is the single line of communication between the manufacturer, supplier and the customer. This is the one language they share information to each other with. And if the data is lost in the midway then it can lead to loss of reputation, brand identity and also consumer difficulties.

When the product quality is discussed, abrasion has always counted as a part of the same. Products always face quality loss due to abrasion and scuffing. This can be due to external environment or internal use. For instance the printed information on the keypad of computer systems are prone to scuffing on continuous manner. Poor quality product can lose their printing quality too early. Or maybe the brand is good but somehow out of million one product lost its quality within a year.

Therefore, conducting quality test using the test machine is very important. The digitalized model of scuff testing machine is equipped with 2 PSI load on the scuffing rod for external load bearing requirement. Precision based digital counter which can accurately the number of scuff movements a product can resist without losing the printing quality. It complies with test standards such as ASTM F2497-05, and BS 3110:1959 which are acclaimed at an international level. It uses motorized weight arrangement so that user can experience zero noise arrangement and testing process. Equipped with uniform load application along with a synchronized motor for accurate testing.


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