Protect Your Products By Providing Best Strength To The Packaging Material

Protect Your Products By Providing Best Strength To The Packaging Material

Providing Best Strength To The Packaging Material

The packaging of the products is majorly responsible for the safety and quality of the materials. Hence,  high quality of packaging material is only used to ensure the quality and strength of the products.

The strong packaging material offers the best safety to the products at the time of transportation and storage. Usually, the failures and fractures of materials are caused during the transportation and the storage. Most of the failures of the materials are caused due to the bursting pressure which is applied to the elbows and edges of the packaging products. The bursting force of the material is really hazardous for the materials as compared to compressive and tensile forces. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that the materials have sufficient strength so that they could easily tolerate the rigorous transportation conditions.

Test the Burst Factor & Strength of Packaging products with BS Tester

The BS tester or Bursting Strength tester is a testing device which is used in packaging industries to measure the bursting strength of the materials as well as the products. This testing is commenced by exerting sufficient bursting force in the sample which is placed duly in the rubber diaphragm until the specimen bursts. This helps to determine the maximum force that a material can bear during usage and transportation.

Presto Stantest, one of the renowned manufacturer of testing devices,  design and manufacture high quality of testing devices as per various national and international test standards. The testing device is provided complete with user manual and a conformance certificate.