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Improve the efficiency of Flexible Packing with Impact testing

The only successful point to achieve the best delivery is good packaging. It is the first sight of the customer which falls on it and decides the reputation of the brand. As a customer, you have definitely observed in the shops and other showcasing section that some packets are well packaged and shiny and attractive. But some torn or buckled. Due to this type of poor packaging quality, the manufacturer does not experience loss in the product content packed inside but also it loses the interest of buyers. What they think is that if this particular brand of product has this type of packaging then the others of this brand must be packed in a poor condition. Here you lose one customer. Stop losing your customer for just a small negligence in packaging quality. Establish better ways of quality testing equipment such as Dart impact tester

The impact testing is considered to be the most sort out the test for packaging quality test. The plastic film is tightly fixed between two circular clamps and it must be so tight that the impact could be noticed well. The as per your test requirement set the height of the dart holder. Fix a particular weight of the dart and fix it on the holder.

The hold is magnetic so there is no chance of unwanted falls. Then at the time decided to allow the dart to fall vertically on the film and you can notice the quality and impact visually. For more information about flex pack testing instruments like dart impact tester, contact our experts.

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