Importance of Bursting Factor in Carton Box Manufacturing

Importance of Bursting Factor in Carton Box Manufacturing

Packaging material quality of carton boxes plays an important role in ensuring the strength and longevity of the products manufactured. The low-quality material can lead to poor packaging standards and is a threat to those products which it will be used to carry. In top testing labs where high-class standard testing methods are applied to check the integrity of packaging material, a wide range of tests are conducted. Few examples of the parameters which are tested are compression strength, bursting strength, crushing strength, tearing strength, water absorbency and much more. Among these, the most common testing method applied is the evaluation of the bursting factor of material. Due to excessive pressure from inside and outside, sheets of carton boxes tend to burst easily. In this blog section, we will get into more details on why it is so vital to conduct the bursting factor test and how the Bursting strength tester machine is useful in the same.

The bursting factor or the bursting strength of the carton boxes can be calculated by subjecting the material to the excessive amount of pressure using a standardized technique.  This will eventually help the manufacturers in judging that how much force a box can bear to its maximum.

How to evaluate bursting factor?

There are two clamps that are present in the testing machine to perform the bursting test. The test sample which should be tested needs to be placed between these two clamps for strong hold ensuring zero slippage. After that, sufficient amount of pressure is provided on the sample to analyse the maximum pressure it can bear before it burst. The instrument offers highly accurate test results on the digital display from where the test data can be recorded for further comparison.

Bursting Strength Tester, designed by presto group, is a highly preferred testing tool which is used to test the bursting factor of different packaging materials such as the paper boards, plastic sheets, laminates, films and much more. It helps to estimate the quality of the materials and compare its quality with a similar type of product. The bursting strength of the materials is tested by providing sufficient amount of hydraulic pressure on it.

The test equipment is an ideal lab testing machine which is used to test the packaging products from their performance, strength, and quality. It offers great ease to the operators as it designed with user-friendly and high-quality features. It can be calibrated for accurate and reliable test results as per your specimen. It is widely used in industries, testing laboratories etc. to analyse the quality of different types of papers and cardboards.