Test Flexible Packing with Dart Impact Tester – Buy Best Quality Here

Test Flexible Packing with Dart Impact Tester – Buy Best Quality Here

Good packing is key to successful delivery. Packing is the first thing that distinguishes your product from the rest. It is the first impression of your product. You must have seen in the supermarkets that some packings in the shelf are torn. Well, this is not only wastage of the product but also leaves a negative impression in the mind of the buyer. If one packet can burst why not all others, what if my packet burst before the intended use? Let not your customer think in such a way about your products. Flexible packings are more prone to failure. Relative authorities have rolled out many testing standards that can assure the safety of the packet throughout the buying cycle. Dart impact tester is widely used to test the strength of the packing at different scales.

Why is flexible packing preferred over other forms?


Food Grade – With the information of plastic being harmful to health is doing the rounds, people are reluctant to buy things packed in such packings. But FDA has issued strict guidelines to make plastic packings safe for consumables. Thus, it is now declared as food grade. This means the flexible packings don’t impact the food items packed inside in any way. They can bear certain temperature range before emitting any components. Thus, different forms like resealable, pouches with a spout, seal bond packets are brought into use.

Customization – Flexible packings can be made into any shape and size. The manufacturer can make the thickness, colour, length and another dimension as per customers’ demand very easily. Apart from that, additional layers of poly films or foils can be bonded to make it more durable. Companies are innovating the ways a flex pack is being used. Addition of zip locks, spouts, foils is making them more attractive, reusable and multipurpose. This type of packaging ensures the freshness of the content even after opening the pack.
Appearance – Flex pack can easily adopt any colour, tone, translucent effect, etc. Due to good printability and high scuff resistance, plastic packings are made with good aesthetics. An attractive packing easily attracts the customer. Thus, a job fulfilled.

Testing – There are different low-cost tests that determine the strength and quality of the packing. Whether to be used for liquid, powder or solid, different tests can test different properties of the packet. The behaviour of the packing in real working condition can be easily estimated.

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