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Check Peak Volume Expansion in Bottles with Burst Tester

The volume expansion test method play an important role in Bottle’s Quality Control. It is important to know that till which amount the container’s material can take the internal pressure and retain its integrity. It is not only applied into bottles carrying pressurized gas in a liquid but also normal water bottles as, when the Bottles are closed tight, they encaptivate a particular amount of gas inside which with time exerts, may be a small amount of pressure but exerts the pressure all the time internally on the wall of the bottles. Due to which, after sometime, the pressure causes the bottles to get cracks on them or maybe they burst out and rupture. In case of carbonized drink containers and soda bottles, the process is even faster. Therefore, the manufacturers trust on materials which are tested for its resistance strength against internal pressure with Digital Bottle Burst Tester.


The test equipment is commonly used in PET bottle industry and beverage packaging for testing the quality of Containers and its resistance against elevating internal pressure. The tester tracks the physical changes coming in the bottle under elevating internal pressure and duration. The material which will be of high grade may be sustain a high amount of pressure for a longer time period compared to those who may burst out completely on keeping them under test conditions for few minutes.

Using the test method, manufacturer can detect the material which is fit for their application and also can make desirable changes in the quality of the material and test it again to see if they clear their set of requirement via this test. The test equipments provides a unique design cabinet in a circular shape which captures the bottle specimen of any shape and size firmly inside and ensure that it is not slipped or dislocated from its position while the test is running. As this may add errors in the test results. The cabinet gets closed using a firm lever arm, which is completely tightened before committing the test process. This assures that the test conditions which includes lots of pressure cannot leak and disturb the accuracy of the test environment.

The test parameters can be easily set using the pressure hold section. The peak value of pressure at which the specimen will fail to sustain is also noted on the same section which is also termed to be the Peak Volume expansion of the bottle.

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