Perfectly Cut And Weigh The Pet Bottles For Accurate Section Weight Analysis

Perfectly Cut And Weigh The Pet Bottles For Accurate Section Weight Analysis

Balancing of the PET products is the major issue that must be faced by the manufacturers in PET bottle industries; these bottles are used widely to pack the liquid products. If the balance of the PET bottles is not perfect, it will fell down again and again which can also damage the quality of the PET bottles and the product also. The falling of the PET bottles can also spill the products that are packed inside. It is important for the producers of PET & Preform products to solve the issue of unbalanced bottles so that they can provide the best quality of PET bottles to their customers and also to ensure the safety of the products that are packed inside.

Reason behind Uneven Balancing of PET Bottles

The problem of balancing in PET bottles occurs when there is an uneven distribution of the materials in different sections of the bottles. The problem of uneven balancing can be judged by weighing each and every section of the bottle as per their size and shape. This testing procedure is known as Section Weight AnalysisThis can be done by cutting the bottle in standard divisions to properly weight the bottle for its stability and balancing.

Hot Wire Bottle Cutter – Best for Section Weight Analysis

In order to perform the section weight analysis of the PET bottles in extremely effective manner, Buy Hot Wire Bottle Cutter from testing equipment perfectly cut the bottles into three sections namely Top, bottom and cylinder without damaging the sections of the bottles.  Consult our technocrats, to know more about the product.