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Simplify The Process Of Bottle Cutting With Hot Wire Bottle Cutter

PET bottles are used in a large number of industries to fulfill the requirement of packaging and storage of various types of materials like food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, edible items, chemicals, etc.  The main reason behind the excessive use of Pet bottles is that they are non- reactive to any type of chemical. Hence, it is used widely to fulfil various purposes. To protect the products from various types of hazards, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the PET Bottles first. There are many properties and attributes of a PET Bottle that can affect the quality of the Bottles like wall thickness, transparency, section weight, strain distribution, base clearance, etc. To measure the quality of PET Bottles, it is necessary to determine these features deeply.

One of the major types of tests that are conducted on the PET Bottles is Section Weight Analysis. The analysis is carried out to measure the uniform distribution of weight in different portions of the bottles according to the size and diameters. To get the best results of section weight analysis, it is necessary to cut the bottle in different sections firmly. To perform this task, Hot Wire Bottle Cutter is the best option.


The Hot Wire Bottle Cutter is a best testing instrument used in PET & Preform manufacturing industries for section weight analysis. It is an extremely useful instrument that offer reliable and highly accurate test results. Presto Stantest offers high quality Hot Wire Bottle Cutter that provides precise results.

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