Hot Wire Bottle Cutters For Accurate Section Weight Analysis

Cut Your Pet Bottles Perfectly With Hot Wire Bottle Cutters For Accurate Section Weight Analysis

PET bottles are used to pack the various products like pharmaceutical syrups, food items, beverages, carbonated drinks and many more. These products are considered as the best medium to pack the strong chemicals, drugs, medicines, directly consumable products and many more. The PET products are widely used for the safety and hygiene of these products as these are directly consumable products and are directly related to the health of the consumers. To ensure the quality of these products, it is also necessary to ensure the quality of the PET products in which these products are packed. The major attribute that explains the quality of these bottles is balancing of the bottles which can be done with Section weight analysis. To weigh and test each section of the bottle, it is mandatory to cut the bottle in equal and standard size sections as per their shape and size. This can be done efficiently with the help of high quality of Hot Wire Bottle Cutters.

Presto’s Hot Wire Bottle Cutter – Best for Section Weight Analysis

Presto Stantest is a renowned Hot Wire Bottle Cutter Supplier that offers a wide range of PET & Preform testing instruments. It is the excellent quality of instrument that safely cuts the bottle in required sections without deforming the original shape of the bottle.

How Presto’s HWBC (Hot Wire Bottle Cutter) is different from others?

The Presto’s HWBC is designed to cut efficiently the individual sections of the PET bottles that range from height 200ml to 2000ml and diameter up to 110mm.  After cutting the bottles in appropriate sections, the bottle sections are weighed in the digital meter for accurate measurement.  This process helps the manufacturers to accurately assess the quality of their products.  To know more about specifications & features of the product, consult our technocrats.