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Enhance The Quality And Strength Of Pet Containers With Polariscope

The PET and preform products are used in a variety of industries for a verity of purposes. They are used for packaging of food items and bottles. 

They are also used for packaging and storage of pharmaceuticals and chemicals. These products need utmost safety during handling and storage hence it is important to provide the best quality of products to the clients so that they could offer the best safety for the products during the transportation and warehousing. For this, it is important for the manufacturers of the PET containers to use only the best quality materials and test the quality of the products with best testing instruments for better quality assurance.

The Polariscope is an optical testing equipment that is used for analyzing the strain distribution on the surface of the PET products. The testing instrument helps in viewing any change in the refractive index of the product. If there is a change in the refractive index of the material, it can lead to decreased quality and strength of the products making it unsafe for the packaging of the products. Such containers may fail during usage and cause severe damage to the products.

Presto is a leading manufacturer of Polariscope and is providing two highly competent models of the testing instrument. The device is designed in compliance with all the national and international stands which make them compatible for international industries too.

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