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Tensile Testing Machine – Digital Model

TTM-S (as per capacity)

Presto’s tensile testing machine is used to evaluate the tensile strength of various products and materials. The testing instrument relies on the principle of the Constant rate of Traverse i.e. CRT. It is a highly stable instrument designed and manufactured using heavy mild steel. The strength and high-quality testing machine ensure various built-in safety arrangements like over travel protection and overload. The machine is finished with autumn gray and blue combination paint along with intense zinc/chrome plating to impart a rust resistant finish.

The instrument comes complete with an instruction guide and calibration certificate noticeable to NABL approved labs. The product is manufactured as per ASTM E-4 and other related standards. The laboratory instrument is supplied with electrical equipment like the main switch, relay and micro switches for convenient and safe operations.

Tensile testing machine is widely used in industries like rubber, plastic, textile, packaging, etc. The machine is built with strong 2 lead screw structure having a bright digital LED display for easy readability. It comes with a overtravel protection feature. The digital model is designed for easy operation and precision.

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    • The capacity of the testing instrument is 250 kgf.
    • Sensitivity or least count of the machine is 100 grams.
    • The equipment has single phase induction motor of 1/4 HP that operated on the power of 220/110 V AC supply.
    • Set of grips is provided to clamp the specimens. Sample cutting Press and Sample cutting dies are supplied as an optional accessory.

    • It is assembled using heavy mild steel for stability and strength.
    • It includes many safety measures like over travel protection and overload.
    • It is built-up with CE electric wiring and standard branded motor.
    • It is a complete modular creation for problem free maintenance.
    • It has a corrosion resistance finish.
    • It is a complete kit available with main switch and micro switches, additional accessories along with an instruction guide.
    • It ensures highly safe and convenient operations.


    Standards :

    • ASTM D412 – 06a (2013) (Standard Test Methods to perform tension test on Thermoplastic Elastomers and Vulcanized Rubbers)
    • ASTM D429 – 14 (Standard Method to test Rubber Property – To measure the Adhesion to Rigid Substrates)
    • ASTM D624 – 00(2012) (Standard Test Method to measure the Tearing Strength of Thermoplastic Elastomers and Vulcanized Rubber)
    • ASTM D638 – 14 (Standard Method to analyze the Tensile Properties of Plastics)
    • ASTM D76 / D76M – 11 (Standard Specification for Tensile Testing Machines for Textiles)
    • IS 13360-5-7 (1996) plastics – methods of testing, part 5 mechanical properties, Section 7 – Determination of Flexural Properties
    • IS 3400-1 (2012): Methods of Test for Vulcanized Rubbers, Part 1: Tensile Stress-Strain Properties

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