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Notch Cutter For Impact Tester (Motorized)

NC - 22

The Presto’s Notch Cutter for Impact testing is designed to perform a very little stress concentration of notch in the test samples to make sure that breaking of the sample takes place at the same position each time a test is initiated. The testing instrument is specially meant for the use in plastic industry to test plastic polymer materials.  The machine is capable of producing notch profiles to all international test standards like ASTM D256 – 10, ISO 180. It is a sample preparation machine that prepares the sample for Izod Tester to test the plastic sheets. The instrument is used to make the notch of the plastic sheets up to 5 mm.

Presto’s Notch Cutter is used for making notches in the Charpy or Izod samples. The outer body is neatly powder coated with the balanced base.

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    • The testing instrument is equipped with depth micrometer.
    • The range of the machine is 0 to 25mm with the minimum count of 0.01mm.
    • The notch cutter cuts the sample from an angle of 45º.
    • Depth of Notch: upto 5mm
    • Motor: 1/5 HP, Single Phase
    • The power requirement for the laboratory equipment is single phase, 230 Volts, 50 Hz.

    Related Standards

    ASTM D 256

    • It is a very useful instrument for making accurate notches on the specimen for impact testing.
    • The motorized  movement of the machine work effortlessly hence saves time.
        • Fast and accurate sample preparation for Izod Tests
        • Motorized operation for sample cutting
        • Easy installation and operation of the instrument

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