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Analyze even the minor defects in your PET products with Polariscope

PET products like bottles and containers a have a great demand in various industries such as food industries, chemical industries, pharmaceuticals.

They prefer PET bottles as a reliable and more convenient option for packaging of their products as compared to the glass bottles due to the high strength of PET bottles. Additionally, the PET bottles are economic as compared to glass bottles. But with great demand of quality of these bottles, there is also a great demand of higher quality of these products. The industries where these products are used, cannot tolerate the ignorance of quality to any level. This forces the PET bottles manufacturers to use the best quality assurance procedures to assure better quality of containers and bottles to their clients.

For best quality assurance of these bottles, there are several different testing equipments that are used in industries to test the quality of these products. Polariscope Strain Viewer is one such testing instrument that is used by the industries for testing of products. This instrument is used for testing of the stress distribution at different points of a given test sample. If there is non-uniform distribution of stress in a sample, it is an indication of low quality and low strength of the bottles.

Presto is one of the leading Polariscope manufacturers in the country that provide two highly capable and efficient models of the instruments that are widely used in industries. The instrument is in compliance with all the international standards hence can also be used in international industries too. For information on Polariscope Strain Viewer, you can also visit our website page.

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