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Is Your Metal Products Corrosion Free?

There are a large number of factors that destroys the quality of the metal products such as acid rain, sunlight, hot and humid environment, moisture and presence of other related components in the air like pollutants, salt, heat, etc. Hence, it is necessary to measure the corrosion resistance property of the metal goods before starting the production process to make the metal goods corrosion free. To measure the corrosion or rust property of the metals, every manufacturer needs to perform a test on the metals to analyze their durability, stability, and strength. The Corrosion testing is one of the best and high-quality test procedures that can be performed efficiently with the help of high-quality of Salt Mist Test Chambers. It is the ideal testing device that analyzes the corrosion resistance properties of the metal goods efficiently. The testing instrument is widely used in the testing laboratories of automotive industries, nuts and bolts industries, metal industries and many more.

Effective Solution by Presto to Measure the Corrosion Resistance Strength

Presto Stantest, a well-known manufacturer of testing instruments, offers high-quality of testing devices to the customers of production houses to fulfill the requirement of testing. Presto Stantest offers three highly effective models of salt mist test chambers with customized specifications to fulfill the requirement of the customers. The models are CASS cum Salt Spray testerEco-ModelKorrox III model. All the instruments are designed by following the standard test methods that are provided by reputed authorities like ASTM, JIS, DIN, BIS, ISO and many more.

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