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Corrosion Testing of Metal Watches

Watches are the most important part of our daily life. They keep us on track always and on time.  Wherever we need to go if we follow the time they will never fail us. And in these range the most special case are the wrist watches. The watches were earlier made only for the purpose of observing the time and keep our daily basis of work according but with changing time we understood that the watches are much more than that they can be stylish too, they can be an accessory too. In this post, we will understand how we can keep our special moments corrosion free by testing the quality of our wrist watches which are made up of metal in salt spray chamber.

The wrist watches is a long ago innovation but is still used by trillions of population worldwide. These are the most demanded material. And with the passing time, growing competition among the manufacturer of wrist watch is also growing. They are innovating. They are making their watches speak, or they are making them fancy. They are decorating it with various types of stuffs. And try to be the best in the market. But the very important thing they are not focusing upon is the usage quality of the material or components used in the watches. Majorly the watches are made up of metal and those are at some amount or majorly ferrous. It means they have a lot of opportunity to generate corrosion easily.

One more reason that the watches are tend to generate corrosion on them easily because they are as worn on the wrist most of the times. And are prone to moisture, direct water, air and sunlight. All these climatic conditions over the time, react on the material and generate corrosion. That happens when the moisture present in water and air react with the iron molecules and oxidizes the material. Here what are things that the manufacturers have to take care are they must see that the plating which is applied on the watches material must be resistant towards moisture. Secondly they should be long running and not fading with time.

These things can be easily tested in the salt spray chamber. The machine is a chamber which imitates the corrosive environment in accelerated way. It produces corrosion fumes in the chamber and can easily test the tolerance level of the coating or plating layer after which they will crack open and allow the moisture in. Also it test the raw iron material which can get corroded easily by reacting with oxygen molecules.

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