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How to assure corrosion resistance in motorized pumps

In industries the pumps and motors are known to be the most complex product and is utilized by many machineries. The motor is the generator of power and power is consumed by each and every machine. The engineers understanding its importance, manufacture the pumps with great accuracy and by using quality things but still sometimes, they fail at some stages.

It is not at all possible that they can generate a perfect instrument always. Hence it is vital to test their parts. In this post we will learn more about the corrosion testing of pumps using salt spray chamber. Corrosion in pumps or motors is a very often scenario. This can happen easily if the plating or coating of the parts or the entire pump body has not been done properly.

The corrosive environment can then easily enter and damage the parts. Thus it is very important that they are tested in such type of environment first to check if they can really pass or sustain the conditions. The salt spray chamber are specially constructed for the purpose of testing the pump parts which are plated or coted in an accelerated conditions to see if they can sustain the same or not.

The coating of pumps can be easily tested by using such setup. By this the coating industry can manufacture a better coating layer which can give protection to the parts of the motor for long. The motor is such a thing which just can’t be ignored. The failure of a pump or motor will not only damage the part but will straight away shut down the machine. Thus it is very important to understand the behaviour of the salt laden environment on the motor parts.


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