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Corrosion Resistance Test on Automotive Components

The automobile industry is one of the most competitive and growing vertical worldwide. In order to be in the competition and maintain your place for an extended time period, automotive manufacturers requires to innovate continuously in the segments of competitive quality, design and durability, etc. Other than this they need to assure that the automotive parts must functions properly throughout its validity period.

Keeping in mind that a car withstand different types of environmental conditions, the manufacturers must upgrade their technology and also use different types of quality testing methods. This must be done so that they can improve the quality among customers and compete with other to lead the market. In this blog post, we will be discussing about the corrosion testing of automotive components using Salt spray chamber.

The corrosion testing chamber, of Korrox iii model is made up of advanced technology and is the upgraded version of salt spray test machine. It has a glass wool insulation system which ensures that there is no loss of heat during the testing procedure. It keeps the heat locked inside and circulate the temperature to assure uniform heating.

The machine has a capacity of 60 litres means the specimen as per this size can be tested for corrosion inside the machine. The machine canopy angle is set as per the industrial testing standards so that a drop of slat laden environment do not fall from the top of the machine on the specimen. It ensure that the specimen must faces a corrosive condition controlled by HMI based system. The touchscreen display allow the operator to set the testing parameters and start the test for multiple cycles.

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