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Role of a Good Quality Coating Layer for Corrosion Resistance

The coating layer is an integral part of the metal industry. They are the saviour of the metal surfaces which is prone to corrosion disease. The metal parts are variously used and is prone to catch rust easily. The surrounding air contains water molecules which react with the metal surface and will be attacking the metal ions. By this they oxidizes the surface and turns it into rust. In this post we will learn how to save the metal surface by using best quality coating layer by testing the layer in the salt spray chamber.


The metal products are very much frequent and is used by several industries. It is used for making metal component which is used in aerospace vertical in planes. Other than this they are used in medical equipment, used in building machines and what not. Doesn’t matter where it can be used, they must be quality specific. They must be plated and coated by good quality coating layer.

The salt spray chamber is used for generating accelerated weathering environment which can imitate the corrosive nature of atmosphere and test the metal and coating behaviour in the same. The sample are very carefully placed in the machine and the machine lid is closed. The chamber lid is specifically made as per the testing standards and the angle of canopy is the major thing to focus upon. The machine complies with national and international standards as well.

The testing chamber is made up of triple walled chamber which is of fiber glass material. It ensures the insulation overall the chamber and provides full security.

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