Ensure Best Safety of Your Products With Best Strength & Quality of Packaging

Ensure Best Safety of Your Products With Best Strength & Quality of Packaging

Present Situation of the Businesses in Packaging Industry

India has progressed a lot due to the rapid development of the Indian Economy. This has helped the production houses to grow at an increasing rate. The government has also taken some essential measures to help the production houses and companies, but it is not sufficient enough for a manufacturer to survive in the highly competitive market, in this era of Globalization. It is essential for every business to grow with high speed and to promote their business all over the world, to survive in this growing world of Globalization.  The major concern that needs to be considered is to transport the goods from one place to another safely.

Business Problems

Packaging products faces many problems mainly at the time of storage, transportation and warehousing because it needs to be stored and stacked in multiple storage houses and godowns before it reaches to the final customers. These packaging products sometimes fail due to the inferior quality of the packaging material. These products sometimes get compressed from the edges of the boxes due to the stacking and the product which is kept inside the box gets damaged. This deformation of the product leads to compromise the quality of the good and enhance the cost price of the products by 10% or 15 % due to deformation of the product.

Solution to the Problem – Edge Crush Tester

Packaging industries are working hard to measure the quality and the strength of the packaging materials using various quality assurance methods and with high-quality testing instruments. The process of quality testing helps to ensure that material is of high quality. One of the best instruments that Presto offers to test the edge compression strength of the packaging materials and corrugated boxes is Edge Crush tester.