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Role of Scuff Resistance Testing in Medical Packing

Manufacturers of a pharmaceutical product, have a sole responsibility to not only manufacture the medicine and drugs but also package it using the right material and put the correct information for the patients. Starting from blister packaging, PET bottle packaging, to flexible packaging, and paper packaging, a pharma industry utilizes the maximum forms of packaging designs. But it is of very much importance that the condition the packages is maintaining at the drug industry must be the same quality when is with the customer. Especially the printed information.

The drugs and medicine when once manufactured and packed are then transported to the distributors and from where it gets delivered to various shops and hospitals. While these transit conditions, it faces rubbing, scuffing and contact jerks, which can ever burst out the packages. The most important part is that how we assure that the printed information do not gets effected during these jerks of roads and be the same as printed. In this blog section, we will share details on quality testing of medical packages using scuff resistance tester.

Scuffing is very spontaneous thing which can’t be controlled. Doesn’t matter you are transported the medicine by truck or airplane the rubbing can happened anywhere anytime while loading while storage even. Hence, it is important for the manufacturers to test the quality using scuff tester machine.

scuff resistance tester is equipped with two locomotive plates which imitates the real life rubbing environment and test the samples easily. The rotation movement is controlled by digital operations. The testing is accurate as per the international standards.

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