Balloon Burst Tester to Test the Seal Integrity of Flexible Packing

Balloon Burst Tester to Test the Seal Integrity of Flexible Packing

Testing Instrument’s Balloon Burst Tester is specially designed to test the seal integrity of the flexible packing’s.

To execute the test, the machine simply starts injecting the pressure to a precise control.

During this time, the leaks or deformity in the sealed edges are observed.

Also it is also assessed that for how long, the packet is able to bear the pressure. 

This assures more accurate results.

Testing Instrument’s Balloon Burst Tester gives high precise results with high repeatability.


  • Capacity : 10 kg/cm²
  • Specimen Clamping: Pneumatic
  • Least Count/Resolution : 0.01Kg/cm2
  • Display : LED (Digital)
  • Accuracy : ± 1% of entire range as per IS with master gauge
  • Clamp Area : 500 width
  • Diameter : 6.5 , 4.1 (O/I)
  • Sensor : Transducer
  • Power : Single phase
  • Upper & lower jaw : 40mm
  • Test Range : 21 to 38 Kg / cm 

Highly Features:-

  • Integral pressure inspection system
  • Havel grey and blue dust coating with radiant zinc plating to erosion anticipation.
  • Arresting of peak hold value
  • Evaluation lock and key feature
  • Auto clamping for zero slippage
  • Lenient steel body for long ledge life
  • Ingrained evocation to log up to test values
  • One touch action for easy usability
  • Feather touch control button for effortless operation

Balloon Burst Tester – It is a seal integrity test wherein an empty sides pre-sealed pouch is fixed on the open side & air infused into it.

  • Single Push Button Operation
  • Auto selected connecting under selectable pressure range.
  • Apex carry facility for keeping maximum value of test outcome in memory
  • Memory to grip up to test reading.
  • Extremely precise test results under multidirectional Force
  • Strong holding clamps
  • Glowing LED present
  • Feather touch detect
  • Evaluation lock & key attribute 

This test specimen is revealed in terms of Kg/cm².

It is extent by giving strength through a steel nozzle on the test specimen.


•    Memory (to hold test value):     Up to 9 test values
•    Peak Hold Facility:     Yes
•    Sample clamping pad:     Yes
•    Material:     Mild Steel
•    Sample Clamp Pressure:     2 - 5 Bar 
•    Air compressor not a part of supply

Optional Features:

•    Digital cum computerized models also available 

Model No.       BBT – 600 

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