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Illuminated Magnifiers

Presto’s Illuminated inspection magnifier is designed and manufactured especially for the inspection of small parts and for online visual quality evaluation mainly in plastic, textile, PET, Preform industries. The testing instrument is equipped with an imported lens and illuminator.

Our illuminated magnifiers are not only the magnifiers with the facility of light but have powerful luminaries with a good color representing capabilities and excellent light output. These luminaries are known for their smooth self-balancing and flexibility properties.

Illuminated magnifier is a testing instrument used to inspect small parts and to enhance the visual quality. The inspection magnifier provides illumination to the sample from above which can be set as per the requirement. The instrument offers clear and sharp magnified image. It is not just a magnifier with light but has a strong luminary with excellent light yield and good color depiction capacity.

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    • It is equipped with a magnifying glass of 5X with CFL lighting.
    • The laboratory equipment provides illumination from the top.
    • The angle and height of illumination is changeable.
    • Duly fitted with imported lens and illuminator.
      • Lens: Convex
      • Light Source Wattage: 20W

    • The machine is mainly suggested for online visual quality checking.
    • It is used in many of the procedures like assembly, inspection and control process.
      • Easy visual quality inspection
      • Fitted with special imported lens and illuminator
      • Illumination provided from top onto the test object
      • Adjustable height and angle of inspection

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